forest prints

I approached Andrea at with a challenge, and boy did she bring forth a sentimental masterpiece.

Andrea, you are absolutely incredible, your talent is mind-boggling and I am so glad our paths crossed. We will cherish this forever!

Lauren, South Africa

Andrea painted a moment of my husband and our son on the beach with Table Mountain in the background. It’s a reminder of our home, of our son when he was so tiny, and of how much they love to spend time together at the beach. It sits on the mantlepiece in our bedroom and we all look at it every day.

We honestly couldn’t love it more. It was the very perfect gift for his birthday. Something he would never have thought to get for himself. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get one for my 40th too! 

Sigrid, South Africa

forest prints
forest prints

From start to finish, Andrea was amazing. She gave me framing options, wood choices and even wrote a beautiful message on the back about the nature of Pisces.

I was blown away by the thought that went into every step and even though the piece is miniature in size, its effect on my wife was profound.

Karl, South Africa

I really appreciated how she went beyond to get it to me for less than it would have cost for shipping from the other side of the world! I was blown away at the beautiful personal note and the exact photographic double of my picture! She even included a little personal gift to us for our anniversary by embedding a blue topaz I to the frame. One of the best gifts I’ve ever given!! We will cherish is forever! The best and most amazing part of our painting? The painting is only 3 inches by 3 inches! The detail she adds to her work is so amazing – it’s easy to forget that they are so small! 

Dawn, USA

forest prints
forest prints

Andrea and her tiny paintings are beautiful bright lights! I commissioned a painting, for a very special friend of mine, of a place that holds wonderful memories for us. It was given with love and received with awe and gratitude, a truly amazing little piece of wonderfully created art.  Her attention to detail and talent are brilliant. The whole experience was completely enjoyable!

Janeen, Australia

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