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I approached Andrea at with a challenge, and boy did she bring forth a sentimental masterpiece.

Andrea, you are absolutely incredible, your talent is mind-boggling and I am so glad our paths crossed. We will cherish this forever!

Lauren, South Africa

“I am overwhelmed with my final painting! When I opened my parcel, I had to swallow my tears and felt very emotional! I literally gasped for breath. I do not have the words to describe how beautiful my painting is and I cannot grasp how it is even possible to paint such a miniature painting with so much detail! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Liezl, South Africa

forest prints
forest prints

“I loved the uniqueness of miniNature and fell in love with her Moon series.

I commissioned Andrea to paint a moon miniature as a gift for my husband on our anniversary. Andrea is very professional and her attention to detail really gives her the edge. She quickly grasped what I envisioned and brought it to life in a beautiful painting and I loved the way it was packed with the finest attention to detail. It’s so magical, she really captured the Paris feeling.”

Nadia, South Africa

I really appreciated how she went beyond to get it to me for less than it would have cost for shipping from the other side of the world! I was blown away at the beautiful personal note and the exact photographic double of my picture! She even included a little personal gift to us for our anniversary by embedding a blue topaz I to the frame. One of the best gifts I’ve ever given!! We will cherish is forever! The best and most amazing part of our painting? The painting is only 3 inches by 3 inches! The detail she adds to her work is so amazing – it’s easy to forget that they are so small! 

Dawn, USA

forest prints
forest prints

Thank you so much for this amazing piece of art. He was a great dog and I miss him dearly. This is a beautiful way to capture all the wonderful memories with him. I’m looking forward to keeping this on my desk 💜  💜💜 .”

Cynthia, USA

“I commissioned Andrea to paint a miniature of my husband’s incredible succulent nursery in Cape Town as a gift to him, before we emigrated to the UK, so that he could take it with him. I have no idea how she did it – to fit so much of the garden’s lush magical details into this tiny pocket sized painting – but it blew us all away and totally overwhelmed my hubby. Her talent is just mind-blowing!! Our little paintings will live with us always no matter where we set up roots. Thank you Andrea for giving us this memory to cherish of one of our favourite places.”

Gina, UK

forest prints
forest prints

“This is SO cool!!! We’re obsessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Tom, Kane & Tiana, South Africa/ UK

I commissioned Andrea to paint a miniature of a photo my dad took (he’s an astrophotographer) of the Rosetta Nebula – this molecular cloud at one end of the Milky Way. Usually, astrophotographers add colour to their images in post-processing and the Rosetta Nebula is usually coloured in warm tones. My dad did his in these beautiful lucid blues and I knew he’d love a painting as unique as his image. And the painting honestly is the most amazing thing – Andrea totally nailed the colours and my dad is beyond happy with it. Her extra touches are also just so cool – from how she names the paintings to her packaging. Stoked all round.

Ashley, California

forest prints
forest prints

“Our much-loved colleague was leaving our team, so we commissioned Andrea to paint him a mini as a goodbye gift of his home in Herold’s Bay.

It was the best experience ever! Apart from her wonderful talent, which I never doubted, she engaged with me daily throughout the process from inception to completion. The whole experience, all the small details…finishing touches….fantastic service….professionalism…efficiency…and love, made this a MAGICAL experience! I am now her biggest fan!”

Lizanne, South Africa

“It’s so sweet and I love how you captured the silhouette of us 💚 Thank you Thank you Thank you!”

Shannon, South Africa

forest prints
forest prints

“They absolutely LOVED the gift, almost taken aback at how gorgeous & thoughtful it was. Thank you for helping us with this amazing gift!”

Sabrina, South Africa

Andrea painted a moment of my husband and our son on the beach with Table Mountain in the background. It’s a reminder of our home, of our son when he was so tiny, and of how much they love to spend time together at the beach. It sits on the mantlepiece in our bedroom and we all look at it every day.

We honestly couldn’t love it more. It was the very perfect gift for his birthday. Something he would never have thought to get for himself. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get one for my 40th too! 

Sigrid, South Africa

forest prints
forest prints

Andrea and her tiny paintings are beautiful bright lights! I commissioned a painting, for a very special friend of mine, of a place that holds wonderful memories for us. It was given with love and received with awe and gratitude, a truly amazing little piece of wonderfully created art.  Her attention to detail and talent are brilliant. The whole experience was completely enjoyable!

Janeen, Australia

“My girlfriend got me this tiny painting, as a gift. It totally blew me away. I can’t believe how Andrea captured the details from that moment  – and now I get to remember that sick barrel every day. Totally fills me with stoke!

Liam, South Africa

forest prints
forest prints

“Seeing my special experience captured on a hand-painted, tiny canvas with such detail was a moment I will always treasure.

Not only do I fondly remember my connection with the seals underwater when I look at my painting, but I am now also reminded by how much I am cared for by my friends and the pleasure of sharing the experience with them.”

Natasha, South Africa

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MiniNature is about capturing the details of life in tiny paintings. It's about remembering that nature is vast but vulnerable and that her wisdom and wellbeing lies in our hands. It's about holding onto what matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild.

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