‘Rising’ – Day 74/365 – Sold

‘Rising’ – Day 74/365 – Sold

You know the saying rising tides lift all boats? So how about just ‘Rising Lifts All’?

This is my friend Sarah, a.k.a @sustainablesarah .
She is an eco force of note, taking on and standing by too many environmental causes to list. Today she is joining forces with thousands others while running a protest for #climatejustice, inspired by #gretathunberg and the #fridaysforfuture movement.

But here’s what I love most about her. When she feels the weight of it all, that comes with facing such huge mountains, Sarah sings songs to the Earth. Vulnerable, whimsical words hanging on delicate, hopeful melodies.

While she inspires me daily to keep up the good fight for a sustainable future, I’ve come to see, it doesn’t matter what cause you believe in or what unique talents you were given to carry your message. Activist or cupcake maker, musician or illustrator. What matters is that you let the world see your honest-to-goodness self. Your brand of goodness. People can feel when you are living the thing that brings out your brightest light. And it is that very transparent thing, that ephemeral spark of truth that inspires others to step into their goodness.
When you rise, others will be moved to rise around you.

Sarah, this is my bow of admiration and gratitude to you – for continuing to fly the green flag through all that you do. ✨
But especially for letting us feel your song✨💙