‘Walking in your Moon’ – Day 50/365 – Gifted


Artist study. Not for sale.


I’m going a little moon dilly over here. I do that. I get totally immersed in the topic at hand and have just discovered there are many names for the moons based on which crop is abundant during that phase. So naturally, I was curious about which moon I was born in. And hooray for the interwebs, because there are websites for that! According to this, I was born on an Old Moon called so because just a sliver of silver remains of the moon in its waning crescent as the last phase before the sky turns black. Apparently, that predisposes me towards creativity, eccentricity and a desire for a karmic journey in alignment to the universe. Yip, yip – I’d say that’s on the money. I might not be walking on the moon, Mr. Sting, but much like this shadowey fella, I’m most certainly carving a path in my moon. If you’re curious about your moon, go check it out and tell me in the comments if you think it’s spot on or total mumbo jumbo.
Either way happy full moon tonight. According to @thewildfeminine it’s a super snow moon!🐺

To check out what moon you were born under head on over to www.moongiant.com or  www.astrocal.co.ukPainting inspired by photography of @furstset


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February 19, 2019

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