‘UnChange My Heart’ – Day 238/365


Not everyone you share your ideas with, especially when they’re at the vulnerable, unrefined stage, will get them.⁠
Often the people we share our ideas with can transfer their own fears and pain onto what we’re trying to create.⁠
Feedback is great. But make sure you and your heart have a good sit down before you open the door. Get clear on how and why you’ve arranged the room that way before you let someone else run into this delicate, creative playroom of yours. Because chances are, they may just make a mess of it. Intentionally or unintentionally. ⁠
If you didn’t know how your room was arranged before you let them in, the feedback they give you can hurt and totally frustrate the process of setting the room back in order. In that state, restoring order to the room may suck you down a path of analysis that isn’t even congruent with why you wanted to do your thing in the first place.⁠
So, know the WHY, the intention of your heart before you open the door.⁠
Because then, if they do turn the room upside down, you can evaluate it, and calmly put things back where you had them -IF you still like them there. More importantly, you’ll remember that you may have chosen to open the door to them but ultimately it’s YOUR room.⁠
You get to play and create in it how it feels right TO YOU. ⁠
I learnt this lesson yesterday and it was painful AF, but I’m grateful to this person now for showing me that not everyone who pulls me close to them automatically qualifies for an invitation to my heart room.⁠
Just a strange and gentle insight from my artist’s heart to yours.

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own

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August 26, 2019