‘Turbeautiful’ – Day 152/365


Has anyone else felt totally churned up inside by some aspect of chaos in their lives these last two days? Apparently, it’s all the waning Taurus moon’s fault. For me, the turbulence was all about the clutter. I just want less – less of everything. And the more I see the chaos the more I crave the space for peace and simplicity.⠀
But I love that turbulent bubbling up energy inside me, because I know, stuff is about to reach a tipping point, changes are gonna be prioritised and new beautiful unfoldings will come from it.⠀
I’ve always favoured the stormy skies. They’re so dynamic, and far more stimulating for the creative eye too. Cape Town you beautiful, beast.⠀
📸A sweet sweet shot by my buddy Greg Giloway of @beercountrysa (the makers of phenomenal beery food on fire, karoo dust spice and all things braai nice!)⠀

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)

Derivative work created with permission from the photographer

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June 2, 2019