“People get to where they want to go, because they know where they want to go.” ⁣- Oprah Winfrey

Sale Price of Original: R1900

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: common licence


Do you believe in the ways of the Universe? I do. With every fibre of my being…Here’s a little story to share her language with you.⁣
We were desperate to go to the burn this year, but my financial and time commitment to my paintings didn’t allow for the funds to head to the dust. But still, I thought I’d put a call out to the Universe and see what magic might unfold and so I actioned a few posts and ads on Instagram and Facebook offering paintings for tickets. Then a Reddit post came my way of someone wanting to gift their ticket. I responded to the post with my heart’s reasons for seeking more desert magic and an opportunity to thank her for reawakening my creative fire.⁣
As life would have it, another wonderful human saw my post, contacted me directly and she and her friend gifted us their tickets. I’m still in total awe and reverence of the Universe! Our ticket gifters didn’t know about my offering paintings in exchange so my delight at being able to thank them with tiny art is overflowing!⁣
The law of attraction is a beautiful thing, but Oprah says it most succinctly: “People get to where they want to go, because they know where they want to go.” ⁣
So for the next 4 days, our true-to-the-Karoo hearts are going to the desert, baby – to soak up the magic and gift some tiny paintings!⁣
Real-time me will be back on Monday. I’ve opted for social media scheduling so I don’t bombard you with 4 days of paintings while we’re disconnecting in the dust.⁣
Love and light to you all, beautiful humans (hope you find some of your own fire and try talking to the Universe in pursuit of your own dreams!)⁣


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Magic. Thank you.