‘Thank you, Ben’ – Day 157/365


Two nights ago at the Ben Harper Cape Town concert….
“It’s like being under the sea”, I said to my friend.
“It totally is -surrounded by water.”
Submerged in what you believe in.
Swallowed by the wave.
Mesmerized by the journey.
A serene blue stillness..
“It’s so rare that it gets that present for the instrumental stuff. So thank you,” Ben spoke into our silence.
…… He’s right. It is rare. Why aren’t we more present for the instrumentals of nature? For the fluid softness?
The pause in-between the big sunsets and sunrises, the great storms, massive swells and large migrations?

Our environment is a constant thing of beauty but it’s only when we begin to feel her in the stillness too that we will be moved. Moved to act.
Thanks Ben, for taking me to a place where I could hear the ocean and the dolphins in a sea of silent people. 🙏🏼💙

Derivative work created with permission from the photographer

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June 6, 2019