‘Sweet Deep Significance’ – Day 45/365 – NFS


Not for sale.

Inspiration image: artist’s own


After the last few days of painting random scenes, I’ve felt a bit like my painting arm was pap and void of any real dexterity – like an elastic that’s lost its stretch. The only way I know how to sharpen my skill pencil again is when I create something that sits close to my heart – you know, when you’re super invested in the outcome. So, I decided to paint this scene of a very special hike last winter with my man up on the misty mountains. It was my first experience of San Pedro too and a wonderfully deep and pure connection with nature, the dew drops and her sweet sweet playful way. As life would have it, my guy sends me a playlist (not knowing what I was painting). And it turned the entire experience of reconnecting to this experience into a very enjoyable painting sesh. I hope you have a listen to it. The instrumental world music overlaid with Estas’ poetry is something else – like if wolves could make music. ;p YouTube this: Estas Tonn & One Heart Family – Mother of Souls Album ✨ . If you’re doing a long stretch of creative work it’s super important to take on projects of significance so you don’t lose the heart in why you create.

Inspiration image: artist’s own on @shescreative_af



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February 14, 2019

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