‘Sustainable Creation’ – Day 225/365

This artwork is only available from the Two Dam Sustainable Eco Accommodation

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own from natural surroundings


I’ve returned to my little studio, newly inspired. My last three days were spent on the beautiful trout farm of @two_dam_sustainable, just outside Montagu. Yes, they farm rainbow trout in a semi-arid region of the Western Cape and yes they are 100% off-grid and fully sustainable. Cool, hey?
While all their operations are beyond awesome in and of themselves, my walks through the rocky, mountainous landscape got me thinking about sustainable creation in nature and in art.
Ordinarily, you’d equate a lush jungle with abundance and diversity. Or in creative terms, the artist already skilled with a great many techniques, financial backing and a fully kitted studio would be primed for creativity – that old excuse we (I’ve done it myself) often use “I can only be really creative when I have…”
But this semi-desert landscape, still teeming with fynbos, renosterveld fauna and karoo-esque diversity filled me with a renewed reminder that you CAN create abundantly IF you create from where you are now, with what you have available now. .
Not trying to be anything other than what your environment and current conditions permit IS how you create from your sustainable energy source. .
And, like these incredible plants with their mind-blowing, beautiful geometry and structure will show you – doing exactly that is HOW you will discover your unique style, innate to only you.
Check out their site at www.twodam.co.za and the Kingfisher cottage if off-grid living and grounding getaways are calling your wild heart.
This painting is not for sale yet as it will soon form part of a very exciting collaboration with the magic folks of Two Dam Sustainable. 👏

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August 13, 2019