Small Mighty Rhino’ – Day 275/365 – SOLD


Let’s be small but mighty together.⁠

Sale Price of Original: R1900 – SOLD

Derivative work created with permission from photographer
(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)


Anais Anin said, “I will not just be a tourist in a world full of images.”⁠

I don’t want to live in a world where only images of rhinos remain. And I don’t want to be a passenger while these atrocities take place on our watch knowing I could have done more.⁠

Great things really can be done by many small acts coming together.⁠
Today’s miniNature is in ode to World Rhino Day (which I missed 10 days ago, but such is the nature of this challenge. I’m giving myself grace for stuff like this now.)⁠
I have some fun plans for prints of this tiny painting next year when the challenge is complete.⁠
But until then – let’s do something small together.⁠
I’m donating R100 today. (See stories for proof if you need it)⁠
If every one of you lovely humans following this account joins me – we could contribute R10 000 to this cause. Wouldn’t that be awesome sauce?😍⁠
Let’s be small but mighty together.⁠

📸thank you @danchaknova for the amazing inspiration ⁠


PostScript – yes I donated. Not sure who else did. This is no miracle story – but if you don’t put things out there and try stuff – how will you ever know what the world responds to and what it just says ‘meh’ to? I’m still learning…


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October 2, 2019

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