‘Sacred’- Day 75/365

Until the day I can explore it by foot, I will explore it by paint.


Yoh, some days life offers you your creative energy on a platter and other days you have to hunt it down with a bow and arrow.
It’s no coincidence, I believe, the constant calling to a land, the attraction we feel for a certain place. Do you find that the more you acknowledge it, the more it comes your way? It taps you on the shoulder through the stories of many people and many varied journeys.
From the friend you once knew who has a way with plants, to the books, artists and speakers who’s work all call to you, and then the man who wanders across the desert born in that very land. It’s no coincidence, I know.
One of those places for me has always been Zimbabwe. And until the day I can explore it by foot, I will explore it by paint.
This is a moment captured by photographer @joehanlyy in #hwange. A moment of sacred Ibis, but a moment in a sacred place all the same.
Zimbabwe, I hear you calling. I hear you. And I’m coming.

Derivative work created with permission from the photographer

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March 16, 2019