‘Rogue Reflections’ – Day 214/365


Not sure about the painting as a painting. BUT – do you ever find that the insight you get from a creative project or task is more valuable than the creation itself? And then that insight, in turn, gives the creation its meaning and purpose?⁠
I painted this not thinking at ALL about the realistic colours of the sky reflecting in the water. When I looked again the tree had a disturbed reflection.⁠
And then I wondered why we have this tendency to only accept our value – when we can see the reflection of what we create in the world around us? The tree isn’t any less of a tree if it doesn’t see its own clear identity mirrored back to itself. And neither is the artist any less of an artist. ⁠
So don’t feel like your painting is only worth something if the social media world reflects a lot of likes back at you. You sat down and gave your time to manifested yourself as an artist when you created a thing. By doing just that you are making yourself into more of who you want to be. You are your value. A split-second double-tap cannot possibly make you any more of who you are.⁠
That thought alone made this little ‘lost in thought’ painting super valuable to me.⁠

🙃 Have a grand Friday, awesome humans!⁠

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist own

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August 2, 2019