‘Roaming for Wildness’ – Day 94/365



Ask my mother, ever since I was in high school I would go on and on about living in a VW combi like a hippie or gypsy, convinced there was another way to do life that would allow me more travel, more of my owness and less desk and someone otherness.
Many years later I still can’t shake this desire. It’s just now, thanks to the ability to connect to other humans globally, I have proof that others want to and do manifest that lifestyle desire too.
So in my deep respect and admiration and gratitude for anyone living little, and in continuation of the @wilddrivelife painting that started it all – I’m gonna be adding more #vanlifeand #tinyhome inspired paintings to this 365 challenge. A little living collection within a collection of little paintings all telling their own big story.
📷This one is an @roam4wild moment – just them the mountains and stars 🤩
Derivative work created with permission from the photographer

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April 4, 2019