‘Rebirth in Death’ – Day 129/365 – Gifted


This painting is a gift in exchange for an Afrika Burn Ticket

Inspiration image: mushrooms (not even joking). Read full story.


The Burn has some strange and profound ways of bringing deep wounds and healing space into your…well, your Binnekring (Burn pun and also ‘inside circle’ in Afrikaans).
My lovely ticket gifter, when told that I would like to paint her best memory as a thank you for her ticket, decided to honour the still-developing creative in me, and simply said “Paint what comes to you under the theme ‘Death and Rebirth’. This was a relevant theme for her, because of her work in safe birth practices.
I held space for this concept in the desert and waited for the painting to come to me.
By Sunday’s Clan burn, my spirit was ripe for some unfolding, and through a series of interesting events, I arrived at this point in the night, with a sobbing heart, and a shaking grip on reality. I was reliving the loss of my dad as a little girl. In the miasma of light-adorned humans, I let him go all over again. The wind exhaled hard over the burning structure. As I watched the side-swept flames turned into long, fiery feathers. My Phoenix was emerging.
I don’t think healing from the death of a loved one will ever be a linear journey. As we move through our lives, maybe edging closer to our own deaths, we’ll be offered many chances to revisit the truths that lie in it. If Death were a guru I imagine her to be a Phoenix Being with pendants to lay over your head as you find acceptance for her many teachings. And on this night, by this fire, I found the courage to rise higher by letting go of his sleeping hand.
Swipe to see the pendant that came to me in the desert. Synchronicity like that makes my heart glow hard, people! (you can’t see it hear – the pendant is of a feather that says ‘burn’ in cut out letters)

@fieldsofdaisy this is your painting. Thank you for my gift into the desert.



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May 9, 2019

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