‘Power Source-ry’ – Day 229/365


Our electricity was cut today. The council decided to do some unscheduled maintenance work and flipped our entire block’s power off. Understandably people were ticked off.⁠
I wasn’t so much ticked as caught off guard. My phone was dead as a doornail and my laptop on its last legs, so while I can happily paint away in the sunlight – the supreme power source – I couldn’t carry on with the miniatures which I was using a reference or inspiration of sorts for.⁠
That’s the thing about power sources. When the power goes out, be that the electricity or our own inner willpower, we can sit back, unplugged from that source, feeling defeated. Or, we can switch on to the fact that we are our own generators.⁠
You decide where you draw your strength and ability from. You create your own energy. Sure, some days this is a million times harder than others. But even on the darker days, if all you hold onto is that you have the choice on what you give attention to or which thoughts you allow to drain you, then just that flicker is you generating your own spark of power.⁠
So, I painted a little something abstract from some sunny place within.⁠

I hope it brings you a smiley face.⁠


(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: artist’s own

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August 17, 2019