‘Perennial Pilgrimage 1 of 3’ – Day 359/365 – Triptych

You will one day wake up and walk your pilgrimage, not for the view on the mountain or the applause at your ascent. You’ll walk your pilgrimage because the will within you is too strong to ignore. ⁠The desire to move will be stronger than the hesitation to remain.

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: artist’s own


My last triptych for the year has bloomed out of me – this one inspired by the beautiful voice and lyrics of Natalie Merchant. (I discovered her on one of my favourite YouTube channels – NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts).⁠
In particular the lyrics of their rendition of Weeping Pilgrim. Have a listen – it’s really soul-stirring.⁠
In a way, I feel like this year has been a creative pilgrimage, of sort, and for me, the perennial nature of it – well, I wonder if it will leave me feeling similar as one does after a long hike through nature – deeply spent, rested in that exhausted but peaceful kind of way and oh so grateful for the quiet, consistent restoration to my own inner compass.⁠
My encouragement to anyone wanting to take on a creative challenge is to just start. Don’t think of how tired you’ll be or how blistered your feet may become. Pour out your creative offering, little by little, day by day.⁠
Even if at the end of it, it’s just you alone on that mountain, bearing witness to your own walk. ⁠
The view and the lofty heights are fleeting motivations for undertaking any journey. You will one day wake up and do it – simply because the will within you is too strong to ignore. ⁠
That powerful voice within is my wish for you – she will be the best friend and companion you’ve ever had.⁠
Merry Christmas, everyone. ✨⁠

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December 25, 2019