‘Path of Perhaps’ – Day 190/365


Perspective is a funny thing. When I saw this pic the first time, it stirred feelings of such lightness and bravery in me. You might look at it and think, WTF – it’s a broken bridge that you can’t get to and that leads to nowhere.⁠
Or perhaps when you commit to your path, not knowing where it leads, but going at it regardless, you inadvertently dismantle the bridge behind you.⁠
If that’s you standing on the edge, wondering, what the heck now, just take a moment and fill your lungs with that calm, sweet air, enjoy the stillness around you and take comfort in the truth that you chose to be here. Because deep down you wanted to dismantle old bridges.⁠
This is the thing about wildness, and why we seek it so. The allure of not knowing if a boat, a dolphin or a thunderstorm awaits you is the very reason you’re called to pursue your ‘path of perhaps’.⁠

This exquisite moment, captured by @damien_cape_town, will be one of a triptych I’m working on inspired by his epic photography. Stick around to see which other paths present themselves.⁠

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July 9, 2019