‘Pain Steaking’ – Day 241/365


I painted today’s miniature with a renewed return of the unbearable ache under my scapula. My sacrifice of daily repetition.⁠
To say I eeked this one out is an understatement. It took me thrice as long because of all the distractions I navigated towards. The whole thing was f&^%$ painstaking.⁠
As I painted alongside this pain, all I felt burning in my shoulder were the woods, the woods, the endangered wild woods.⁠
And all I hear was hungry capitalism burning them down for a beef industry that feeds the world’s mass meat-eaters with distraction while they profit from destruction. ⁠
While the sacrifice of my daily repetition is only my chosen burden to bear and wholly worthwhile, I believe, in the long run – the daily repetition of eating meat and turning a blind eye on your part in feeding the monster that burns our forest is not a sacrifice our planet chose or can recover from.⁠
And that’s the P A I N – S T E A K I N G reality of our burning, burning, wild woods.⁠
Please choose reduction, choose less mass-farmed animal agriculture. Choose Amazonia.⁠

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: common license

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August 29, 2019