‘One with the Wave’ – Day 333/365 -R2100


It doesn’t matter how big the wave is – if you focus on diving in deep to  find the sweet spot underneath instead of seeing how fast you can ride it, you can turn its power into your release. There is nothing more urgent than your wellbeing.

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(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration : artist’s own and common licence photography


Can you be extremely busy and also be extremely gentle on yourself while navigating the tight deadlines calmly?
Can feel like you’re getting a shit ton done but as if you’re moving so slowly?
That’s what this week has felt like for me – an insane amount of deadlines and to-do’s but the knowledge that if I do it in a frenzy I will put my back out again. So I did the fast slowly.
I wanted to share the two things that helped me with you. They are so simple but so effective.
The first was taking 15 min ‘time-out’ sessions flat on my back on a yoga mat with my feet on a knee-height table and my thighs in a yoga strap and my head supported on a curved blanket to just breathe. Not even meditate. Just lie there and give myself time. Every time I sensed tension in my back, hips or gluts, I stopped whatever I was doing and I lay in repose. .
The second was a daily ocean swim. At lunchtime or in the evening, just a quick dip – it’s like the soft up and down of the waves was ironing out my kinks. I know living by the sea is a privilege and I’m deeply grateful for it, but if you live near any kind of clean body of water – tap into it. It’s a cleansing surrender like no other. The sea really does set you free – trite but true.
Today was the maddest of days this week. I nearly didn’t paint. I wanted to post an old painting. But then I remembered that I wanted this life. I actively participated in creating it. .
I painted this interpretation of a beautiful Jeremy Bishop photo on Unsplash to honour all that’s involved in riding the wave – the lulls, the massive sets, the giants and the foamies – it doesn’t matter how big the wave is – if you find the sweet spot underneath, you can turn its power into your release.

There is nothing more urgent than your wellbeing. 💙


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November 29, 2019

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