‘No Dear on a Hill’ – Day 44/365


Oh dear.
I have no deer.
But never fear.
To myself I am near.
A little self-love-filled pre-Valentine’s poem to explain the ‘whoopsi’ in this painting.
This was meant to be the third deer painting in my recent set of deers that never came about because – fuck structure.
But I did have the background done so yesterday, it was time. However I was also reattempting sourdough bread again for the first time since starting this challenge. (I may have intentionally left Jitterbug, my rye starter, on the microwave to die because my angst of painting daily and feeding a starter and baking was overwhelming. Moms of the world – my deepest bow of admiration to you!).
So the painting happened between the many many turns and folds of sourdough baking and I, therefore, didn’t pay a heck of a lot of attention to the proportions of this scene. By the time I realised I had given too much space for the sky and would therefore have not enough for the deer, it was too close to done to ‘move mountains’.

Oh well, I’m learning to “make space for grace”. Now, this just what it looks like when you’re lying on a hill in the long grass, admiring the view over your toes.
And I dedicate it to anyone who won’t have a ‘dear’ beside them this valentine’s day. You are your dearest deer. Don’t let society tell you otherwise!

Painting inspired by photography of @furstset

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February 13, 2019