‘Moon Mood’ – Day 138/365


Look up Southern Hemisphere lovelies – there’s a big, beautiful full moon beckoning you to release that ball of emotion inside you. Or is that just me?⠀
I’ve been listening to a fair amount of audios and mindful meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh to learn how to better turn more of my day to day moments into meditation. I figured since I’m now dedicating at least 2-3 full hours to painting daily – what better time to also invite mindfulness.
You see, I have a tendency to be a compulsive multi-tasker.
I do leg lifts while brushing my teeth, want to brush the dog while also drinking my tea in the sun and always listen to TED talks or YouTube interviews while painting (which can be good but honestly I’m beginning to think our society is sick with compulsive information consumption). And so when it comes to my emotions, I’ve noticed I do the same.
I want to carry someone else’s joy and my sadness simultaneously. Or someone else’s excitement and my frustration. It ends up feeling like I have this murky, muddy soup inside me instead of a pure broth. And today, the muck kind of just plopped out of me.
Apparently, that’s what the Scorpio full moon is good at – guiding you to release and transform (according to @foreverconscious), so I for one am very grateful for her superpowers.

I hope she brings you to release some unnecessary stuff too!

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May 18, 2019