‘Just One Duck’ – Day 248/365


I’ve decided I don’t like this expression.
‘Get your ducks in a row’.⁠
By its nature, it implies that it’s possible to pre-align all the things and as if those things (like baby ducks) have no nature of their own.⁠
It feels like a saying that’s designed to create more admin in your life than necessary and inevitably set you up for feelings of failure when your ducks go off in random directions (read: life happens and events outside of your control cause your preordained plans to “fall apart”).⁠
I’m more of a ‘no ducks in a row’ kind of girl. I have just one duck and I focus on that and let it explore and navigate the changing waters as feels right from day to day, moment to moment. That way, if another duck comes along and they swim together for a while -bonus – but then when duck number two swims off, then that’s cool too, because my definition of day to day success did not depend on the ducks staying together.⁠
So ya, those are my thoughts on ducks swimming in rows.⁠

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: common licence photography

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September 5, 2019