‘Innominate One’ – Day 251/365


Strange things happen when you welcome the not knowing. I walked into my studio today, feeling directionless as to what I might want to paint.⁠
Nothing felt evident, yet everything was possible.⁠
I sat down and searched through some images on Unsplash. One caught my attention. It spoke without words to something I was feeling. Then, as if my pause for consideration made the muse’s ears prick up, another image and then another came through on my search, that although totally non-related, were to me – the story of what I was feeling.⁠
That’s how I like to say I dance with the muse. I step onto the dance floor, partnerless but ready to razzle. She joins me. Then she leads. I twirl into her embrace, throw myself over backwards. She catches me.⁠
So, this here painting is part of a triptych of a different kind. I’m hoping it reveals a story for you too. I won’t name it just yet – because, well – until things are complete, naming them seems to limit what they might become.⁠
Until then, this will be the innominate one.⁠

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: common license imagery / artist’s own interpretation

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September 8, 2019