‘Imprinted By A Great Wave’ – Day 345/365 – SOLD

The waves of creative destiny will come and come again, like the tide. You only need decide, when will it be your wave to ride.

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)


Continuing my miniNature versions of great paintings that made lasting impressions on me is this one.⁠
I saw it first in a book on Japanese art in a dusty library. Many years later I saw it appearing almost as a pop culture icon in home decor – not sure how I felt about the idea of my art one day being printed on doormats and shower curtains but simultaneously enamoured by the thought of showering alongside this great wave. ⁠
I found out today while researching more about the artist, that we share the same birthday 226 years apart. How groovy?⁠
Do you recognise this painting? I had so much fun finding my interpretation, albeit rushed (thanks Eskom and load-shedding!)⁠
PS: Check out my stories if you want to know which famous painting inspired yesterday’s piece.⁠

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December 11, 2019