‘High Stakes’ – Day 303/365


The final reason in my 7 day Halloween Inspired countdown to not pursue your creative path.
Reason No 1. What if the tedium kills me?
This might sound like a strange one at first, but let me share 2 quick things about me that will help you understand where this fear came from.
1. I overthink things to a very deep level – and thus I can sort of envision or live quite far into a scenario before any of it has actually happened.
2. I get bored very easily. Not in the ‘there’s nothing to do sense’ – there is ALWAYS so much that could be done. Rather in the ‘once I’ve gotten a sense of something or figured it out’ I want to move onto the next challenge.
So I foresaw the pockets of time where it would just be a matter of sticking to it and plodding along, itchy feet be damned. And that was scary for me – not being able to bolt in another direction.
But tedium doesn’t kill. Dracula does a lot of waiting around, also in a fairly confined box. But you know what does kill him? A stake through the heart. The stake being the less fulfilling job you stay in wishing you were in the box of your craft. Because even when you’re dealing with some tedium at least its a tedium of your choosing.
The super macabre analogy that gets you through it is drinking up the blood that is your creative life force. .
I think that’s kind of cool – you keep you alive. You doing you keeps your heart beating.
And so far, the really awesome connections and awakenings I’ve had through this painting challenge totally see me through the days where I’m just bored and over it AF. 😜

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own and common licence photography

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October 30, 2019