‘Her eyes on the horizon’ – Day 39/365 – Triptych

This painting forms part of a triptych.

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)


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t’s a triptych!
Okay, let’s recap. A 365 challenge can be pretty life-consuming. Not only is there the painting time, but if you’ve been following my journey or know anything about me you’ll know I now also make my tiny canvases and put a great deal of thought into planning what I paint when, while also trying to find cohesion in sets of 3 paintings ( I don’t explain this, I just do it, because, well, I have to – it’s a compulsion. I need common threads and story in almost everything I do). So all of this requires a lot of my day to day and night to night. Which is fine, since I love it and live a pretty simple, low demand lifestyle, having let go of anything that’s not serving me during this challenge while I find a rhythm in it.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t need a break from it when things I simply cannot say no to come up. And so in order to try and achieve this space, I painted this stormy blue horizon triptych without an exact reference photo. I wanted to throw myself at a canvas after a solid month of painting, to see what emerges.
Here’s a short recap on what I discovered:
1) it worked, I had 2 days of headspace from the urgency of completing and posting a tiny painting a day.
2) but it had it’s own challenges initially. The painting may have been fairly swift but the editing in photoshop to get the images to align and fit in with my grid look took some time and TLC.
3) When it was all said and done I had a mini sad moment that I had broken my pattern of individuals. But I trust this too will fall into a pattern of its own.

So☝🏼 A long horizon does not a shortcut make + breaking your mould is good, even if it hurts a wee bit.😛 I hope whatever you’re doing that you’re being kind to yourself in our process!

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February 8, 2019