‘Freedom in Failure’ – Day 156/365


Shizer Minelli! Son of a motherless goat! Today, I’m just gonna come out and say it. This painting a day challenge is faarking hard. ⠀
Plans were made, inspiration was plenty, calendar dates aligned and then the whole deck of cards just didn’t want to balance. Oh well. I had me a little cry, and seriously contemplated defeat. But after sitting on my pillow and breathing for 10 minutes I decided defeat could go suck an egg and that another quick abstract painting to see out the day was better than holding myself to my stupid-high standards.⠀
They were never all going to be masterpieces. But I guess you only really accept the discomfort of that reality in the trial and error than in the theoretical planning.⠀

So sorry World Environment Day, the beautiful tribute painting I was working on for you today will just have to be your IOU gesture for tomorrow (or the next day). ⠀

But I’m glad it came out this way, because ⠀
1) It gives me the chance to share how much unnecessary pressure we can knot ourselves up for in the pursuit of adhering to some pre-ordained social media calendar and ⠀
2) it gives me the chance to show any other artists contemplating a 365 challenge that the near misses, self-considered failures and f*%#-ups are part of it and you just have to stay committed and find a way under, over or through it.⠀

Thanks, tiny abstract house on a hill for saving my ass and setting me free today!⠀

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: artist’s own

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June 5, 2019