‘Fibonacci Fern’ – Day 276/365

The central experience is essential to the consequent unfoldings. Everything we need, our entire life’s future unfolding is already in us. It will unfurl, like the individual tightly rolled leaves of this fern, when it’s time is right to do so.

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Could it be that the sacred geometry in nature is more than a divine principle?
Is it an aesthetic code drawing our attention not only to its existence all around us and in us but as nature’s way of saying ‘look at this, study this, make sense of this.’ I’m sure nature has said this to many people and I’m only now waking up to it.

To me, nature’s sacred geometry is saying this:
‘Understand why it’s significant to your awakening that this pattern governs this creation in this way.’ When I observe the fern’s unfolding, I tap into this:

The reason we can’t suddenly be or have ‘the large unfolded fern’ (having “arrived” by societies definition) is that it takes time to unfold the main stem first. .
The central experience is essential to the consequent unfoldings.
You can’t skip ahead or the smaller leaves (your achievements) will have nothing to hold onto.
The central stem is all the seemingly random, “useless” experiences we gather. They are the primary feeding stem to what will come.
This is why when something comes together down the line of our lives, we often get a sense of ‘hey I’ve come full circle from that thing that happened way back when’. Because you have unfolded many times over.
If this parallel holds truth – then all future unfoldings of your life were with you from the start, bundled up tightly as the shoot broke through the soil into the world or as the baby broke through its embryo. (Not so coincidentally a foetus contains the Fibonacci spiral too)
It’s no longer about trusting that everything we need is already in us. Rather, it will unfurl, like this fern, when it’s time is right.

I’m literally baked on miniNature right now!

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October 3, 2019