Drawing Insight from Words

Words are like spells – they have the ability to transport us. And more than that a beautiful or penetrating word written in captivating typography can sometimes seem like signposts calling your attention to something you don’t yet know the importance of. These internal triggers are way too often overlooked.

Today, go to your book collection (if you haven’t yet abandoned all things tactile in favour of digital minimalism) Browse through the book covers with an open mind. Then stop at the one that stops you – where a single word in the title ignites something in you. This is your word – don’t judge it – just draw it as it appears on the book cover.

  1. Find somewhere comfortable to sit.
  2. Set the book down in front of you begin to draw your word.
  3. Don’t sensor your drawing skills. If you make quick sketches do that. If you like line drawings do that. This is more about opening a tap into your intuitive self than creating a masterpiece.

Now while you draw your word ask yourself these things:

  1. Do I believe we are drawn to things for a reason? If no, why was I drawn to this word?
  2. If yes, what is this word drawing your attention and perhaps intention to? Is it the shape, the meaning, the colour, the sound?
  3. Write down whatever comes to mind – even if you just spend 1 minute free writing any and all other word associations.

Trust the magic and timing of all things.

At the end of today, if you feel inspired to you can share your word and drawing insights in the comments. I’d love to share and support you in your journey.


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March 26, 2020

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