Drawing Insight From Wool

Fabrics and fibres are another wonderful, or perhaps indeed wonderwool, way in which we have cleverly brought nature into our homes.  For today’s drawing insight challenge, we’re focusing on woolen things and the nurturing warmth of nature that we’ve quite literally woven into the every day fabric of our domesticated lives.

Find a sock, a scarf, a jersey, a blanket, a beret, a crocheted doily (it doesn’t have to be strictly woolen) that inspires the textile creature comforts in you.

  1. Get a comfortable spot to sit, today maybe with tea.
  2. Draw your woolen, textile object of comfort.
  3. Don’t be overly critical of your art, just enjoy the release in creativity. Every time you get stuck, feel it, touch it and engage with the softening it is offering you.

Now while you draw your woolen thing, give this some thought.

  1. Where did this woolen thing come from? Was it knitted by a loved one? Can the sensations it awakens in you also warm you?
  2. Woolen things last quite long? How long has this one been near and dear to you. How does nature’s warmth endure for you?
  3. What would life be like without any softness? Would you be able to find softness within you if there was no softness around you?

At the end of today, if you feel inspired to you can share your drawing and drawing insights in the comments. I’d love to share and support you in your journey.


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March 26, 2020

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