Drawing Insight from Smoke

I love smoke. It’s so transient. It seems to be the only visible thing sometimes between our world and the one we’re still trying to figure out.

Today let’s draw insight from smoke.

Light a stick of incense, some smudging sage, a match and set it down after it has smoked on a little plate or a wooden board. You could even light a candle and blow it out, or burn some herbs or a letter to someone.

  1. Find somewhere comfortable to sit.
  2. Begin drawing your smoking object and the smoke if you can.
  3. Don’t be overly critical of your art, just enjoy the capturing the ephemeral patterns it moves in.

While you draw this, let’s draw insight from smoke:

  1. What signals come out of the smoke?
  2. What otherness lies in the scent?
  3. What shapes do you see, and what feelings do they evoke in you?

At the end of today, if you feel inspired to you can share your drawing and drawing insights in the comments. I’d love to share and connect with you over these soft shapeless understandings that we all have in our souls.


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March 26, 2020

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