‘Do Not Go Gentle’ – Day 115/365 – Sold


If you don’t resent life her taking, you make room within yourself to receive her gifts too.

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Derivative work created with permission from photographer


I absolutely loved today. Not for its parts but for its whole. The
time came to say our farewells to our little Mungo today. She was a 19yr old ragdoll kitty who brought much love and joy into our life. And, while my heart went to pieces, a total stranger answered another prayer
I’d set forth into the universe and filled me with all new abundance
and gratitude. Life is funny like that. If you don’t resent her her taking, you make room within yourself to receive her gifts too.
Little Mungo definitely did “not go gentle into that good night”. Much like this sky from last year’s Burn, sometimes it can be a
beautiful thing to “rage, rage against the dying of the light”. (Quotes incorporated from a Dylan Thomas poem)
I usually leave my backgrounds black and white, but because today really didn’t need more contrast, I decided to reveal some of the colored edges on this echeveria succulent. It’s called the ‘after glow’ and I wanted to leave a reminder that life has pink linings for those who choose to see them. 💫
Sending love and light out today to anyone whose heart can use a hug!


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April 25, 2019

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