Drawing Insight From Tea

Tea, glorious tea. Tea has something special over coffee in that it invites us to slow down and self soothe a little. It seems to restore the unravelled edges of the mind in a way only a hot brew of tea can.

All you need to do for today is be inspired by the tea you’re already soothing your heart with (or coffee if you’re not a tea person). Make yourself a cup of your favourite tea. Loose leaf, in a pot, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you love it.

  1. Set your cup or mug in front of you.
  2. As you sip its hot contents and watch the steam rise, draw your tea.
  3. Don’t sensor your drawing skills. If you make quick sketches do that. If you like line drawings do that. This is more about opening a tap into your intuitive self than creating a masterpiece.

Now while you draw the tea in front of you, don’t think of anything in particular. Just enjoy the taste of the tea and paying homage to it in a little drawing.

After all, that’s what tea is made for – some switching off time, me time.

If you’re posting your drawings on social media feel free to add the #mininaturedrawingchallenge so I can follow along in your creations.


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March 26, 2020

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