Drawing Insight From Jewellery

We can lock so many memories and emotions into an object, little trinkets or sentimental gifts from loved ones.

Find a decorative jewellery item around your home and let it open your creative taps. It can be a ring, a buckle, a watch, a cufflink, a pendant. Absolutely anything you identify with under the prompt of ‘jewellery’.

  1. Find somewhere comfortable to sit.
  2. Set the item down in front of you.
  3. Begin drawing. Don’t sensor your drawing skills. If you make quick sketches do that. If you like line drawings do that. This is more about opening a tap into your intuitive self than creating a masterpiece.

Now while you draw the jewellery item, let these questions loosen your insights:

  1. Who gave you this item?
  2. What do they, or did they mean to you?
  3. Does this item hold some sort of power for you, or indeed over you?

At the end of today, I’ll share my drawing and my insight here and if you feel inspired to you can share your drawing insights in the comments.

Happy creative isolation, dear ones.


Posted on

March 26, 2020


  1. Timothy Averill

    I have not drawn nor painted anything for 30 years. I was a fair artist in high school, nowhere near your level. Thank you for inspiring me to pick up a pencil again. Maybe I will go out and buy some paint when the quarantine is over.

    • Andrea Fedder

      Timothy! That’s so rad to hear. Thanks for taking the time to drop a line and share that. I have no doubt your creativity will radiate from you when you give it the colour it’s craving. You could even try making eco paints while you’re at home? This is the best time to experiment 🙂 Stay safe and creative!


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