‘Crossing the Bridge’ – Day 347/365 – SOLD

Sometimes we have to cross the bridges of the past to become masters in the present.

This painting is available as a limited edition print.

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)


I adored this artist as a young teenager. I don’t know if it was the woman or the whimsy in me to which they called to more, but I cradled an infatuation with all his waterlily paintings.⁠
This is my version of my favourite among them.⁠
Do you know who the artist is? Drop me a blommetjie 🌸 if you do (I’ll reveal tomorrow on stories for those who don’t).⁠
I internalised something quite interesting about this process today, and it happened with all 3 mini’s inspired by the Greats. ⁠
By dancing the dance of sticking to your style but allowing an infusion of theirs to influence your strokes – well – it’s literally like learning from the masters. You can’t learn what they felt or saw by just looking at the painting. The intellectual learning may be in the galleries, but the true learning from the masters happens in the studio.⁠
Each one taught me something completely new about composition, colour and contrast. And also where their style ends and mine begins. I felt distinct ‘uhm, no I don’t think I’ll go where they went’ in each one. In this one for example, his water contained a lot more reflection and texture from the surrounding flora. But I’ve come to love my glossy blends and in doing the painting, not just observing it, I could feel where my interpretation wanted to go.⁠
I strongly encourage doing some of these in your own capacity based on your favourite artists!!!⁠
And to my absolute bestest, favourite, most magical art teacher and friend, Liné Ryan – I now 100% GET why you teach newcomers to painting to paint from paintings and not from photos. ⁠
And also that it’s never too late to re-learn some older lessons as the hopefully wiser artist.⁠
You are a living legend.😍💚⁠

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  1. Andre

    Haha, I love it … “newcomers to painting to paint from painting” 🙂 Great advice.


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December 13, 2019