‘Crickets at Dusk’ – Day 11/365

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)


We’re headed into the woods for a mini getaway. Not these woods – these live in my imagination.
In preparation for putting a 365 challenge to the test in the real world (that’s the one where I’m not tethered to my desk painting every day), I’ve done a mini painting sprint to get ahead just enough so that my wild man and I can disappear into the wilderness for 3 days for a little reset and a friend’s birthday shindig. Any other savvy person would have researched and installed an app in order to perfectly schedule posts during their absence – as though they were never gone. I am not that person yet. I was preoccupied baking a cake for said birthday person and painting one of my tiny paintings for her (and so naturally I spent far too much time on it).
So you’re getting tomorrow’s painting later today instead. I decided it was my 365 challenge after all and I make the rules ;p (and break them).

Inspiration image: free stock image

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January 11, 2019