‘Cold Comfort’ – Day 162/365


So apparently, the muse will only dance with me if I play her ‘Adagios – best relaxing classical music’. Honestly. This creative otherness can be so demanding.⠀
I tried a blend of a few of my favourite techniques in this one, a palette knife sky, some watery blending in the foreground and tiny detail brushes for the midground hills, trees and snow. And you know, then it struck me – sometimes the stuff closest to you in life really does lose its focus because you’re too “in it”. But that mid-ground stuff – the projects you can see but aren’t necessarily on top of – aaaah that’s where the clarity can be found. It’s one of my favourite #marieforleonuggets “You can’t rush clarity”. And now I SEEEEE it. You just gotta be content with some vagueness in your future, some crystal clear things on the horizon and your immediacy, well it really is okay if that’s still a hot mess. 😁
📸 inspired by an @anniespratt pic on @unsplash

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration image: artist’s own/ common license image

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June 11, 2019