‘Bridge Your Gaps’ – Day 247/365


I came across a Japanese saying today that definitely holds truth, but not much constructive advice, and I thought of a way to reconstruct it.⁠

“Beginning is easy. Continuing is hard.”⁠
And so for anyone doing any kind of creative project – this is my advice: ⁠
Bridge your gaps with beginnings.⁠

If you think of your project as one giant task, with a beginning, a long drawn out middle part, and an end – it’s more likely to experience ‘the continuing’ as hard.⁠
But if you think back to before you started and reframe the story as:⁠
– the beginning was where I made a brave choice ⁠
– the long drawn out middle is where I get to choose daily to reaffirm my choice⁠
– the end is when I become something I would never have been without all the ‘continuing’⁠

then each day holds purposeful value and is in a sense a series of brave beginnings. ⁠
Hope that way of looking at things gives you the energy to keep at your creative endeavour.⁠
And if you have a sh*t day of it, don’t worry – tomorrow you can begin again😉⁠
(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: common license imagery

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September 4, 2019