‘Bittersweet Truth’ – Day 350/365


Simple is hard. So hard.⁠
I tried again today with the minimalist flowers and didn’t get it right.. again (in my book).⁠
But I wanted to post it as is anyway (which is k*k hard for me) because above all else this journey has to reflect truth – truth back at me and hopefully some truth for you.⁠
And that is that nobody, and to my knowledge, no artist, gets it right 100% of the time. My innate tendency (through upbringing, learning and life) has been to ‘get it right, fix it, make it better’. But I just don’t wanna anymore. I want to be okay with what is.⁠
Today this painting is my truth. An odd little painting I’m not quite proud of. – but that reflected some bittersweet truth back at me. So I’m leaving it as is, grateful for the lesson.⁠
Not giving up doesn’t mean consistently pushing yourself, unaccepting of your ‘failures’. Thanks to this little painting, I now see it as, accepting what failure looks like, but not letting it stop you from trying again tomorrow. 🌸⁠
Ps: We’ve named the black little kitten Satya, which is sanskrit for ‘truth’. I think he’s already working his dark magic on me.⁠

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own

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December 16, 2019