‘Bedroom Skies’ – Day 143/365


When I was a twelve-year-old little girl, my mom let me pick the colours for my new bedroom. She said I could paint the walls any colours I wanted. ⠀
“Any colour? Like, whatever I want?”, I said, wide-eyed with disbelief and pure stoke. “Yip, it’s your bedroom – you need to love it.” ⠀
To this day I still remember the names of the colour swatches I chose. ‘Inca’ for the ceiling – a dark navy with a tinge of purple. ‘Peach blossom’ for the walls, and the curtains we had made to match were ‘Periwinkle blue’ – a soft, dusty grey lilac.⠀
I adored that room, a perfect mix of cheerful whimsy, melancholia and rebellion. I adored it for the confidence it gave me as an artist. Most, I adored my mother for trusting me to create my own vision. When I saw this sky shot by @roam4wild I thought of that peach and periwinkle bedroom. And I thought of how beautiful nature is – both mother nature and my mother’s nature. 💜⠀
📸Thanks @roam4wild for the stunning inspiration.

Derivative work created with permission from the photographer

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May 23, 2019