‘Awarewolf’ – Day 298/365


Continuing the Halloween inspired countdown of Scary Reasons Not To Pursue Your Craft (and how I’m facing and learning from these monsters)⁠
Reason No. 6: ⁠

Being judged for not being “where you should be by now.”⁠
It’s hard deviating from the publicly accepted norm. I worried that if I jumped in now at age 32 to pursue a thing I felt could be my thing (because when is there ever certainty) and got off the corporate ladder climbing track that saying sayonara to the sizable monthly cheque would mean putting a definite and maybe permanent hold on the ‘maybe house’, ‘maybe kids’ and or occasional travel.⁠
But then what would any of those structures in my life mean if it wasn’t framed around a life I wanted to be in?⁠
So in asking myself where exactly it was that I should be I tapped into the powers of the werewolf, a much-maligned creature, that often finds itself transforming when it’s less than ideal to do so. ⁠
How can the creative pursuit benefit from this?⁠
By becoming an awarewolf. Deep down you know what really matters to you. If you let that awareness guide you, you’ll be less in the orbit of other deemed important planets, and far happier traipsing around howling at your own moon.⁠

Sidenote: ‘awarewolf’ is a fun term that popped in my head but that I don’t claim to have coined – found some fun brands out there rocking the term 💁🏼‍♀️ Just wanted to throw that out there. ✌🏼⁠

📸 inspiration pic via a groovy @neilrosentech shot from Unsplash⁠

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration: artist’s own and common licence photography

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October 25, 2019