‘All Hands on Deck?’ – Day 73/365



This is a painting of a boat. I don’t know the boat, or the people that should be on it. I don’t know if they’re coming or going, happy or sad. I wish I did know. Because, the thing is, I love painting from deep places, where people went out to feel a connection and discovered it time and again in the palms of nature. It’s why I SO enjoy painting commissions of your larger than life moment in nature for you to physically hold onto and be reminded of how damn special and significant your life is on this planet.
Having dived neck deep into a 365 tiny paintings challenge though (with not 365 paintings commissioned but just the burning urge to tell the universe what I want to do with my life), the closest I could come to that sense of intention was by paying homage to the photographers who also seek that honouring of nature’s awesomeness. It’s taking quite some time to find the ones who are happy for me to paint derivative work from their inspired shots though. .
While I continue to seek them out, I would SO DIG your help!
Because the truth is nothing in this life can be achieved without the support of other humans.
. ✨I have 292 days left of this challenge. ✨
📲Tag me in your nature/travel/adventure pics that you would love to see as a tiny painting and have no derivative work (read sales) obligations to. #freeloveart (I will of course credit you as my source of inspiration and you get first dibs to grab the original for yourself should you wish to do so).
(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)

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March 14, 2019