High quality art download | Razzle Dazzle Painting


High quality art download of ‘Razzle Dazzle’ miniature painting.

Add a sparkle of joy to any celebration card with this print of a tiny painting.
Ideal for gift cards, thank you notes, celebration tags or custom art projects.

This painting was painted as ‘Day 100 of 365’ in a year long daily painting challenge. You can read more about that day in my 365 challenge over here:

You can print it out up to 3 times the original painting’s size (7.5cm x 7.5cm)

*The high quality download will be watermark free!

**This image is for personal use only and has been made available in digital format to provide affordable access to my work on a global scale, without the environmental harm of excess packaging and the carbon footprint of shipping. Please don’t distribute my art for commercial reasons. Your Karma is watching.

High resolution downloadable painting specs:

  • Original painting size: 7.5 x 7.5 cm
  • Can be printed up to 21 x 21 cm while retaining all detail of the original artwork
  • Image dimensions: (1700 x1700 px)
  • File size: 3MB
  • Scanned in at 600dpi
  • Colour scale: RGB

Some project ideas you could use this digital art download for:

  • Wall art - print it out on good quality paper (see what your local print shop recommends) and hang it on a wall!
  • Gift cards - you could print it out in it's original painting size (7.5cm x 7.5cm) and make a loved one a celebration card
  • Unique gift ideas - print it on a mug, t-shirt, cap, tote or pillow case, bag, coasters (the world is your oyster) and give it as a unique gift co-created by you and me!
  • Make a patch - print it as an iron on and add an awesome patch to your favourite jacket!
  • Fibre crafts - print it on fabric and use it as a the backing image for some needle work, like embroidery, crochet or tapestry!
  • Be inspired - print it out and use it as a reference work for your own drawing or painting
  • Get quirky - use it as a backdrop for a tiny photo studio! ***cute
  • Art up your phone - use it as a phone or laptop screen saver (hint: if you sign up to my newsletter you'll get 4 screensavers ready made for you!)

I'd love to see whatever this artwork inspires you to create. Feel free to share it with @life.in.mininature on Instagram!



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