Is a miniNature what I’m looking for?

This is a decent chunk of your money to spend on a gift for someone else or yourself. If you have ‘uhms’ popping up while reading the gift traits below, you’re probably looking for a different way to express your love, gratitude or appreciation towards your friend or loved one.

If you’re in this place and you’re not sure, pop me an email anyway and I’ll do my best to give you some other thoughtful ideas.

But if you feel ‘YES’s!’ ricocheting in your heart while reading the below, then absolutely, please order a personalised miniNature.  I would be honoured to co-create with you!


What this gift is


You can send me one of your own travel photos of a memory worth holding onto or a pic of a place special to the person you’re commissioning the tiny painting for. Heck you can even send two and we can see if we can combine them. It’s a painting – anything is possible.


There won’t be one like it anywhere else in the world. If you’re commissioning a One-Of-A-Kindness miniNature painting, it will also never be turned into prints or digital art. (Paintings bought from any existing collection however remain within my right to reproduce).


This is a tangible work of creation, made in a once off kind of way. No machines. No cheap imports. Only humans. Only made from scratch with only good quality materials.


We put a lot of care and love into our handmade canvases, frames and tiny easels. That combined with the lengths you’ve gone to to find the right photo to paint will be palpable aspects of a truly thoughtful gift.

What this gift is not


A tiny painting serves no purpose other than to bring you back to a moment of happiness time and again. It’s not also a clock or a coaster. It’s a tiny painting. Nothing more, but nothing less.


My paintings and our frames aren’t made using fast, flashy techniques. It’s an old school painting, done slowly and with immense detail and it took time to come to life. Please don’t order one if you need it in a hurry. My minimum turn around time is 2 weeks for South Africa and 4 weeks for international orders.


If you’re looking for something akin to crystal water bottles or ‘all the rage’ colouring in books – this might not be for you. The painting and therefor ‘coolness factor’ will turn out based on the photos you’ve supplied. It might mean nothing to everyone else on Instagram but it could pack a sentimental punch to just one person.


It ‘aint a quick spend. Bringing this into life will cost our time, love and energy. We therefor price my miniNature paintings and our custom frames according to the inherent value we believe they offer.

forest prints

“I loved the uniqueness of miniNature and fell in love with her Moon series.

I commissioned Andrea to paint a moon miniature as a gift for my husband on our anniversary. Andrea is very professional and her attention to detail really gives her the edge. She quickly grasped what I envisioned and brought it to life in a beautiful painting and I loved the way it was packed with the finest attention to detail. It’s so magical, she really captured the Paris feeling.”

Nadia, South Africa

Big stories behind little paintings

For Father’s Day and to celebrate my wonderful hubby, I wanted to gift him something to honour our 3 very unique Sagittarius children. I approached Andrea at @life.in.mininature with a challenge, and boy did she bring forth a sentimental masterpiece.

Andrea, you are absolutely incredible, your talent is mind-boggling and I am so glad our paths crossed. We will cherish this forever!


South Africa

Buying anniversary gifts for my husband of four years can be tricky. I try to stick with the traditional gifts; tradition states 4th anniversary is linen. It just so happened I also met this amazing painter on Instagram, Andrea @life.in.mininature, who has been challenging herself to paint one painting each day this year. Her paintings are amazing! So, I sent her a photo from one of our first trips to Vermont as an inspiration. The only difficulty with ordering was how to get it to the US from South Africa. It just so happened she had a friend preparing to travel to the US and he kindly carried it and shipped it from California. I really appreciated how she went beyond to get it to me for less than it would have cost for shipping from the other side of the world! 

I was so excited to give it to my husband, I couldn’t wait and gifted it early. When he opened the box, I was blown away at the beautiful personal note and the exact photographic double of my picture! She even included a little personal gift to us for our anniversary by embedding a blue topaz I to the frame. One of the best gifts I’ve ever given!! We will cherish is forever!

The best and most amazing part of our painting? The painting is only 3 inches by 3 inches! The detail she adds to her work is so amazing- it’s easy to forget that they are so small! 



I was at a loss for what to get my husband for his 40th birthday. He’s pretty good at getting what he wants for himself, most of the time. Then I remembered how much we love to buy art when we’re on holiday, and when I saw Andrea’s tiny paintings, I knew that was what I wanted for him.

Andrea painted a moment of my husband and our son on the beach with Table Mountain in the background. It’s a reminder of our home, of our son when he was so tiny, and of how much they love to spend time together at the beach. It sits on the mantlepiece in our bedroom and we all look at it every day.

We honestly couldn’t love it more. It was the very perfect gift for his birthday. Something he would never have thought to get for himself. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get one for my 40th too! 


South Africa, Kind Copy

It’s not often that the perfect gift comes along at the perfect moment but every now and then, the Universe smiles at you. My daughter was born on the 20th of February which was the same day that Andrea released The Fish – Day 51 of her incredible 365-day project.

At the time, I was looking for a meaningful gift for my wife’s birthday and since this was our second Pisces baby, it seems the stars had aligned. From start to finish, Andrea was amazing. She gave me framing options, wood choices and even wrote a beautiful message on the back about the nature of Pisces.

I was blown away by the thought that went into every step and even though the piece is miniature in size, its effect on my wife was profound.


South Africa, Beer Country

Pricing Sheet

Shipping Info

All custom ordered original paintings are shipped with a DHL courier company called Postnet.

Within South Africa

Send with The Courier Guy to your door

  • R100 up to 5kg (this includes the sturdy box to keep your art safe)
  • Insurance available
  • Can ship to your address
  • 5kg encompasses prints, original art with miniature easel and a solo framed painting


Outside of South Africa

I would get a specific quote depending on your destination. Quotes range from R500 – R900 & may require R450 additional for fumigation – because the order contains wood in the framing of canvas and painting frame.


Refund Policy

Custom ordered original paintings are non-refundable. A lot of work (and love) goes into creating a miniature according to a customer brief so please consider carefully before commissioning a unique custom painting. What I can guarantee is that I pour my heart and level best into each tiny painting commission. To date I have never had an even slighlty dissatisfied customer.

The Fine Print

I started walking this creative journey because I believe in the power of art. I want it to be something attainable for all, living in homes rather than galleries. If for whatever reason, money is an obstacle for you right now but you would love nothing more than to own or gift a miniNature painting, send me an email with your story. Magic can be made where money often just makes barriers.

Bali & I can’t wait to start painting.


MiniNature is about capturing the details of life in tiny paintings. It's about remembering that nature is vast but vulnerable and that her wisdom and wellbeing lies in our hands. It's about holding onto what matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild.

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