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Hey art lover. If you’re looking to get in touch about buying miniature art, getting framing done or commissioning a custom tiny painting, I’d love to help. Pop me an email to the address on the right, or give me a call if you prefer a casual chat.  If you’re interested in a brand collab (you know – all things small but big in idea) I’m always interested to hear how art could make the world a more interesting place. Please share as much info as you can and dates when the art would be needed by in your email.

Or if you’re just looking for an arty friend to chat to about creative vibes in general or how to do a 365 challenge,  I’m here for that too.

Chat to Andrea about buying a painting or custom commissions.

Chat:  083 77 465 44

Chat to Vic about framing or making bespoke furniture (usually from  upcycled or repurposed wood).

Cell: 0716768241


MiniNature is about capturing the details of life in tiny paintings. It's about remembering that nature is vast but vulnerable and that her wisdom and wellbeing lies in our hands. It's about holding onto what matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild.

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