She, the painter. He, the framer.

Andrea - the painter

Andrea is a woman of the woods, a lover of metaphorical prose and in all truth, a free spirit right down to her toes.

Her tiny paintings are all about reconnecting with nature. Each miniNature is a meditation, about noticing of the little truths hiding within the vastness of nature.

In their own way, they’re all about holding onto what truly matters and trying to live with less stuff and more space to be wild.

Andrea undertook this year long creative challenge thanks to the support of her partner Victor, and with his steady woodworking arm at the helm, she is free to paint, write and create the digital and social landscapes where their joint creative ventures live. 

Victor - the framer

Victor is a man of the mountains, a lover of words in peculiar rhyme and quite frankly a guy who walks life in his own time.

All the tiny canvases in the miniNature studio are handmade from scratch. When the idea to create a 365 project of tiny paintings was born, Andrea’s need for many more small canvases on an even smaller budget as well as an awareness of the ecological footprint of buying them off Amazon made in China, awoke the woodworking talents of her partner, Victor.

He’s since become an integral part of miniNature Studio, making not only the individual canvases, but also, the occasional geometric canvases and all the beautiful natural wooden frames for the curated framed sets of miniNature paintings.



MiniNature is about capturing the details of life in tiny paintings. It's about remembering that nature is vast but vulnerable and that her wisdom and wellbeing lies in our hands. It's about holding onto what matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild.

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