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Andrea Fedder Artist MiniNature
Hello, thanks for stopping by.

I’m Andrèa, a painter, writer and lover of nature.

miniNature is the result of a year long painting challenge I undertook in 2019 to paint one tiny painting a day for a year.

The tiny paintings I create are all about reconnecting with nature. Big things often get all the credit but to me the secrets of life and the magic of all moments, lie in the tiniest of details.

When I really stop to look into nature, to paint her and listen, I find she frees us from needing more things and teaches us how to be content with less.

Each miniNature is a meditation.

It’s a noticing of the little things hiding all around the big things.

In their own way, they’re all about holding onto what truly matters and trying to live with less stuff and more space to be wild. 


Further down you can learn some more nuggets about me and my creative journey. 

 What will you find on miniNature? 

  • Overcoming the challenges of building a creative life from scratch
  • Tips on creating in a nature guided lifestyle studio 
  • My insights & aha moments from tiny things in nature
  • Inspiration on living mindfully with less
  • Tutorials on how to make tiny paintings and frames
  • miniNature artworks & studio creations for sale

Why is miniNature for you? 

  • You’ve got an artistic dream and you need inspiration to start
  • You want to be creative but not wasteful
  • You’re hungry for a slower, gentler way to live and grow
  • You love a good nature metaphor to make you rethink things
  • You’ve got a serious hankering for ‘back to nature’ vibes
  • You’re obsessed with one of a kind gifts and making things from scratch

“Ask her what she craved, and she’d get a little frantic about things like books, the woods, music. Plants and the seasons.

Also freedom.”

– Charles Frazer 

“If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity, to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexepectedly become great & immeasurable.”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way.

On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

– Arundhati Roy

“In wildness, is the preservation of the world.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Started off as a sculptor

I spent my formative years out of college working as a prototype restoration artist for Carrol Boyes. For a while I held a small range under her brand including some really tiny beads! It’s where I learnt about shaping art into products, sharpened my attention to detail and where my love for life in miniature developed. Carrol was an incredible mentor. I can still hear the wisdom in her words, “you have to be good before you can do good” and “always have the courage of your convictions, Andrea!”

WORKED my WAY INTO writing

I figured out my passion for content writing in the online ecommerce scene. My favourites have been writing for food and eco living ventures. This part of my journey restored my deep love of writing, homebrewed beer and also of eating with the animals and earth in mind.

Met mySELF AS A maker

I love to build, shape and create things. Be it vision boards or headboards, Airbnbs or websites. Turning old unloved things into still old, but with new life things is where I learnt the power of building things from scratch and fixing ’em when they break. A little creativity, a lot of work and some power tools (or powerful digital tools) go a long way!

Cool & Weird things close to my heart

Vipassana Meditation Retreats – they’re the beginnings and the ends of you, every time and in the best ways.

Bali – the food, the smells, the kindness, and where I hiked my grandpa’s ashes into a volcano caldera!

Afrika Burn – where I met my love and dusted off my creative spirit

Fleetwood Mac & the Travelling Wilburries – ‘Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow‘ and until then ‘Handle with Care

Peanut butter & tomato slices on toast – Try it before you deny it! Don’t forget the salt & pepper.

“I’m drawn to nature and her extreme detail and find it unlocks clarity to much bigger questions. In the end a painting of nature is worth a thousand insights.”

It takes two…


All the tiny canvases in the miniNature studio are handmade from scratch. When the idea to create a 365 project of tiny paintings was born, my need for many more small canvases on an even smaller budget as well as an awareness of the ecological footprint of buying them off Amazon made in China, awoke the woodworking talents of my partner, Victor. 

He’s since become an integral part of miniNature, making not only the individual canvases I paint on, but also, the geometric canvases and the natural wood frames for custom collaboration projects.



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Big projects

The 2019 365 challenge

In 2019 I completed a 365 daily painting challenge. With the help of my partner making the canvases I painted 365 tiny paintings, which I posted daily to my Instagram channel along with insights on the life of an artist and inspiration drawn from nature.

An exhibition of the full collection is in the pipeline. (Sign up to the newsletter to find out when)


MiniNature is about capturing the details of life in tiny paintings. It's about remembering that nature is vast but vulnerable and that her wisdom and wellbeing lies in our hands. It's about holding onto what matters and living with less stuff and more space to be wild.

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