Surfers are a difficult breed to buy gifts for. Once you’ve exhausted every possible gadget, tide chart, board accessory and the brand slinging shreds, you feel like you’re out of options. They’re also pretty simple, minimalist creatures (in my experience) and since they get their biggest, best stoke from the ocean (and you will never be able to provide them with that barrel ride from heaven), it can be hard to give a surfer something that will really make their heart as happy as just riding those waves.

But giving a gift shouldn’t ever just be about giving a “thing”. Gifts should be deeply sentimental, genuine tokens of acknowledgement in exactly who that person is.

Since surfers live for that epic wave in a sweet symbiotic moment with the ocean, why not gift them that memory, recreated in a totally unique, sentimental way?

Here’s why Natasha chose this one-of-a-kindness gift idea for her guy, Liam

Natasha had this to say on finding the perfect gift for a surfer, her surfer.

“I was completely out of ideas on what to get my boyfriend for his birthday. I really wanted to give him something meaningful and personal. Dating a surfer I knew that the only thing his soul yearns for is good swell and perfect waves. So I had a picture of him surfing his first Indonesian barrel painted. Seeing the glint in his eye coming alive when he opened his present was heartwarming and moving for both of us.”

She sent me a photograph of Liam surfing an epic wave in Bali and I painted it as a miniNature.

Original painting reference photo


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The final commissioned surf painting


Both Tasha and Liam were super stoked with the end result of their one-of-a-kindness gift experience. 

Liam travels a great deal for work and he’s abroad for extended periods at a time. His tiny custom surfer painting is a travel-friendly piece of home and goes with him always.


How to get your own unique gift for a surfer

  1. Reach out to me to book in your painting commission.
  2. 2. Select the surf photo you wish to paint. It doesn’t have to include the surfer. It can also be of their favourite surf spot. But if it’s of them they’ll be even more stoked with it.You’ll know which photo to use because its the one said surfer shows to all their friends. They also get a goofy blissed-out grin on their faces when they do.
  3. We book your painting into my time schedule, so you know exactly when to expect it.For South African orders, I recommend a minimum of 4 weeks from the time of order to the date you’d like to receive it.
    For international orders, I recommend a minimum of 8 weeks from the time of order to the date you’d like to receive it.
  4. We discuss details like delivery and custom gift note.
  5. You wait while I paint (If you like – I can even send you step shots so you’re part of the process).
  6. Once it’s done I’ll be in touch to discuss shipping options.

By the end of it all, you’ll have a custom miniNature painting for your dear surfer and she or he will feel endlessly grateful for the gift of a memory with the ocean that brought them such joy.

Header Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash