I designed some free wallpaper for you smartphone from some of my tiny paintings! Because the thing is, our smartphones aren’t always that smart.

We have barely, if any. choice in this digital, zippy age of ours in living a life totally void of our smartphones. But living a life with intention is still very much a choice.⁠

If the use of our phones is left without intention, we give them the power to completely monopolise our time and drain our energy.

But you really don’t need yet another app to remind you of this.

What I’d like to offer you instead is genuine inspiration from my wild heart to yours.

Use your intention wisely⁠ with my free wallpaper


To remind you of this awesome choice over intention that you still have, I made a set of inspirational wallpapers for you. Each one depicts a beautiful nature-inspired from my 365 challenge last year and there’s one to suit each season.⁠

You can change them seasonally or keep the one that is true to the season of your soul on your screen.

Me personally, I’m an autumn girl.

To get this FREE Wallpaper set as well as monthly inspiration on building a nature guided, creative life from scratch, all you need to do is sign up to the miniNature newsletter.⁠



A monthly museletter if you will. If you’d rather not sign up to the newsletter, that’s totally okay. you can also download the autumn miniNature wallpaper here.

But I really do hope you sign up. I would love to keep inspiring you on all things nature and creativity.

Time in nature is essential for our minds to process, our hearts to reset and our creative juices to be unleashed.
⁠Nature is always calling you. With these wallpapers you’ll have a way of remembering to listen.



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Magic. Thank you.