‘Zen Cocktail’ – Day 327/365

‘Zen Cocktail’ – Day 327/365

“Be kind and full of love, but have boundaries like a motherf*cker.⁠” – unknown

Sale Price of Original: R1900

(artist retains all rights to print reproductions of this painting)
Inspiration : artist’s own


Cocktail recipe for a zen painting:⁠
1 x 30-minute walk on the beach or nature of choice (heart magic)⁠
1 x 15 minute in a repose yoga asana (soul magic)⁠
1 x YouTube audio of Clear Minds: Namaste Music (mind magic)⁠
1 x the colour on your heart painted into a free flow background (visual magic)⁠
1 x a brand new brush you’ve never painted with (surprise creativity magic)⁠
1. Leave all ‘f*cks’ at the studio door. ⁠
2. Drink some hot herbal tea.⁠
3. Sit your bum down.⁠
4. Let go and see what happens.⁠
Today’s painting is inspired by the energy of awesome friends, birds chirping in the garden and a hilarious sign from @faithjuice in Noordhoek Farm Village that read:⁠
Be kind and full of love, but have boundaries like a motherf*cker.⁠
I’ll cheers to that.⁠

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