‘When the Pining Ends’ – Day 36/365

‘When the Pining Ends’ – Day 36/365

When I paint pines, I think ‘pine’. Not about these Ponderosa Pines in Yosemite – I think about the word ‘pining’. It’s so easy to crave the next phase’ and not see how full the one you’re in already is. And I often get ahead of myself even though I love where I am now – I slip into future thinking. It happens like an avalanche. But It is said that if you’re always wanting more – your now will always be poor. When all that is around you is all that you’ve ever wanted, you exist in a constant state of richness. I like that thought, it’s a nice way to pull me out of a state of pining, and actually stand back to enjoy this view, this paint splatter, this journey without wondering about where it’s going.
Time: 6.5 hours
Inspired by photography of @jguzmannn

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